the sketch that went viral.

the iPad.


Tami Sagher and I wrote this iPod parody commercial which debuted on MADtv in November of 2005, predating the actual Apple iPad by over 4 years!

The sketch went “viral” shortly after Steve Job’s announcement

First came twitter. Then came dlisted.

Then came the HuffingtonPost headline: “MadTV PREDICTED The iPAD”.

Then a story on about our twitterfame!

Then a 6 a.m. interview on alongside actress Arden Myrin!
(It became the most-watched video on that day!)

Then Tami and I were interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered!

Then there was a buzz that we were demanding residuals from Apple because we invented the iPad.

Then the twitterverse was pretty much over it.

Or was it??


Then the iPad sketch was a featured “bullseye” in the back of the Entertainment Weekly “Oscar” issue: