the song that got me Emmy® nominated.


I wrote this little bitter christmas ditty with Jim Wise on one bitter afternoon at MADtv.  At the taping, Nicole Parker sang the hell out of the song and afterwards people came up to us saying “that’s gonna get nominated for an Emmy!”  I wanted to believe them, but never thought it was even possible so I put it out of my mind.  Cut to: six months later and an exciting early morning phone call - we were nominated for “Outstanding Music and Lyrics”!

This sketch aired the same night as “Dick in a Box” on SNL,
which became the official f**d up Xmas song of 2006.

And then became the top Viral Video of 2007.

And then beat us out for the Emmy award.

It was all for the best.  If we had won, the entire world-wide-web would have hated us.  We still got to dress up and go to the ceremony and some fancy parties, and it gave me the moniker which I will cherish forever:

“Emmy® Nominated Bruce McCoy!”

Greg O’Connor (Music Composer), Jim Wise (Composer/Lyricist), Bruce McCoy (Lyricist)