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When I first saw R. Kelly’s 12-part urban opera “Trapped in the Closet” I thought it was already too far out there for anyone to even parody.  But after watching it a thousand times I came up with a take on it and together with the help of the amazing Jordan Peele this sketch took life.  We had to fight the producers to let us do it, as they had no idea what we were parodying at all.  Fortunately R. Kelly performed TITC live on the MTV Awards the night before my pitch meeting, which gave it a boost in the mysterious popularity index that the executive producers at MADtv seemed to base things on.  It’s one of the few sketches that came out almost exactly how I imagined it and I thought everyone involved did a great job.  It was voted as the fan favorite music video of that season and it’s got over 7 Million hits on YouTube!

(For the record our sketch debuted before Jimmy Kimmel’s “The Pizza”, South Park, or Weird Al Yankovich’s “Trapped in the Drive-thru”!)

UPDATE!! This sketch was named the #11 Funniest Sketch of the 2000’s by the Huffington Post!

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